2009 Garden Tour at Hills House Herb Garden in West Newbury
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The club welcomes new members with great delight. Our members are lively and sociable, enthusiastic and engaged. We love to talk, and we love to cook! We have gardeners at all levels of experience and ability, and the most important thing to our members is learning.
Our monthly meetings start with a social half hour, then feature an informational speaker or a hands-on workshop. Our business meeting is relatively brief, but we are a working club, and members must meet some requirements: attend 3 meetings per year, help with the snacks and beverages for one of those meetings, and volunteer for a service committee (some of which are physical, some sedentary.) We feel that we get to know each other best when we are actively engaged together, and friendship is a key reason for membership.

Joining the club is easy! First, come to a meeting to see if we are offering what you're looking for. Have something to eat, talk to the members, ask questions, and enjoy the evening's program. Peruse our newsletters.
If you are interested, pick up the membership information at the front table, or download it here. Fill in the blanks, and choose a committee to work on, or let us assign you to one.

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For more information contact Linda Schaeffer (978 363-525) PO Box 11, West Newbury, MA 01985